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Sculpture of a dog on a deer - Free image download

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Image Description: If you're a hunter, this photograph of a fantastic sculpture of a hunting dog sitting atop a felled buck is sure to appeal to you. While the deer has an expected shocked and pained look on its face, the dog appears to be baying back towards its unseen master, beckoning him to collect his kill. The detail in both animals is sublime, with the buck's matted fur, bent legs, antlers, and wild eyes all looking as if they were a piece of captured reality, with the dog's features looking no less vivid, most notably its well-designed collar. The entire scene is set behind fences, with the vivid green of trees making for a colorful border to the otherwise colorless sculpture.

Image category: Animals (pets, small pets, animals, wild animals, birds etc)

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Tags: zoo, sculpture, dog, hunt, hunter, deer, horns, animals, wildlife, pets, veterinarian, hunting, domination, breeding, breed, domestication, vet, pet care, ruminant, cloven-footed, capture, canned hunt, catch, fight, victim, struggle, trophy

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