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Rubik's cube on the plate - Free image download

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Image Description: This Rubik's Cube is sitting on a black plate, perhaps implying that it's a good food for your brain! The Rubik's cube is a great and challenging 3D combination puzzle. It was invented in 1974, originally titled the Magic Cube, before being renamed after its designer, Erno Rubik, a Hungarian architect. The Rubik's cube won the German Game of the Year award in 1980 and, as of January 2009, over 350 million cubes had been sold around the world, making it the best-selling puzzle game of all time. There have been a few variations of the Rubik's cube created, but the classic cube consists of six sides with nine stickers on each. The cube itself is on an internal pivot which allows each row to be turned independently, allowing the colors to be mixed up, with the challenge being to bring those colors to order.

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