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Reflection of the bridge - Free photo download

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Image Description: Giving us a unique glimpse of the underside of a bridge, this photograph casts its focus onto the reflection of this large water-spanning structure in the river below. The slight choppiness of the water’s surface makes it difficult to discern much in the way of detail, but there’s no doubt that the bridge is fairly big, crossing what appears to be a wide river. In the background, just beneath the foot of the bridge and stretching the length of the riverbank in visible sight, a manmade fortification, presumably built in order to maintain the banks by protecting them from erosion, can be seen. Besides our realistic view of the bridge, this picture is able to convey the link between reality and illusion, bringing to mind the Hermetic phrase, “as above, so below.”

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: reflection, bridge, water, river, lake, pond, wave, flicker, ripples, dimple, sunny day, blue, blue sky, mirror, banks, ecosystem, sustainability, environment, protection, reality, illusion, view, surface, choppy, choppiness, distortion, swell, contamination, erosion, fortification, link, connection

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