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Image Description: Nothing does away with thirst quite like a tall, cold glass of freshly poured water, and that fact makes this picture likely to inspire a parched feeling in anyone who casts their gaze upon it! Featuring a clear, dimpled glass cup, the photograph captures the final moments of a water pour that has filled the receptacle to its brim and beyond, unleashing just a few streams of water over its edge and down the side of the glass. While it is usually difficult to get a sense of water temperature via a photograph, the extreme level of condensation on the glass reminds us that the fluid inside is much colder than the outside air, perhaps indicating that it is filled with only moderately cold water on a particularly hot day.

Image category: Food (Recipes, Vegan, Traditional, Regional, Restaurants)

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Tags: pouring, water, glass of water, glass, current, jet, flood, flow, drink, beverage, drops, sprinkle, spot, cold, drop, thirsty, thirst, fluid, liquid, hot day, aqua vita

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