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Image Description: This is the picture of an orchestra playing a certain composition. This is the first guess that you make when you take the first look at the close-up. A few musicians are sitting in front of the piano and playing their violoncellos. Such pictures call miscellaneous thoughts. You know, the times when people got crazy about orchestra concerts are far back in the past, on one hand. On the other hand, in present days youТube got to be one of those who have sophisticated tastes of art in order to be the regular at a local theater or concert hall. To tell you the truth, when you go to such concert for the first time you can fall in love with it and become a theater addict person.

Image category: Creativity (Writing, Design, Photography, etc)

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Tags: orchestra, philharmonic hall, performance, concert, piano, violoncello, music, talent, gift, stage, band, art, creativity, sound, note, colon, colonus, professional, calling, vocation, musicians, instrumentalist

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