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Image Description: Tidy streets, perfectly arranged traffic roads and skyscrapers are the primary features of a business city. Lots of restaurants, cafes and nicely designed fast food outlets are another feature. The thing is that in a business center there are crowds of people who hurry up in their ways. They can rarely find any extra time for cooking food or at least making a sandwich. What they have really time for is to drop at a fast food outlet and get their meal within a few minutes. McDonald's like the gorgeous one in this picture belongs to the most popular fast food restaurants. The huge glass window and the big scale of the restaurant are the main indicators of its popularity. Pigeons sitting on the letters remind us of the nature of the establishment. This is the one offering food and they are most likely expecting some.

Image category: Food (Recipes, Vegan, Traditional, Regional, Restaurants)

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Tags: McDonald's, restaurant, fastfood, fast food, hamburger, quick, eating out, starvation, starving, pigeons, birds, observe, obesity, obese, fat, overweight, health

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