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Image Description: People all over the world take care of their health and beauty. Thus, taking a look at the hairbrush with lots of hairs they would rather think that their owner might have problems with hair loss. Well, in fact, the hairbrush depicted in this picture is really overloaded with hairs. However, thanks to lots of scientific researches it has been proven that each day a human loses up to a hundred of hairs. This is a norm. Our hair tends to grow continuously. New hairs replace old ones which must fall out. Well, actually they rarely Сfall outТ with their roots. In general, they just break somewhere in their thinnest part and their pieces fall down. It means that you should not get too much scared when you see a few hairs on your hair brush in the morning.

Image category: Health and Beauty (Fitness, Weight Loss, Skincare, Well-Being, Medication)

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