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Image Description: Here is the СgoТ word in the cloudless sky. Such things as cheerful words formed by white smoke high in the sky have a special influence on people. On the whole, people have a reverent feeling to things bound about the sky. Probably, the main reason is that it is so far and unreachable and seems absolutely mysterious. Before making a decision of your life you can suffer doubting for many days. And when you feel that you cannot stand it anymore you raise your eyes in desperation and see the answer in the sky. It says Сgo!Т You will surely see it as a sign from above and follow it light heartedly.

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Tags: cloud, sky, airport, order, command, action, sign, god, will, purpose, aim, decision, code, force, effort, attempt, choose, choice, note, precurse, portent, productivity, self-improvement, personal leadership, career, success, luck, fortune, miracle, wonders, airplane

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