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Cat with injured eye - Free art photo

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Image Description: A big black fluffy cat with white lower jaw and gorgeous moustache. This is the bright representative of the species of cats. Classic green eyes are looking straight at spectators as if saying СMy injured eye is the perfect testimony of my temperТ. You know, cats belong to the category of animals who do not fight without a sufficient reason. They would face each other and scream for hours. In most cases such screaming finishes in nothing. The one that feels less brave and strong would turn its back on the opponent and rush away being hurried up by an instant hit of opponentТs paw. At the same time, you can sometimes see them fighting. Those fights are quite cruel with lots of blood and claws of fir falling here and there. The cruelty is very much natural to cats because they are predators.

Image category: Animals (pets, small pets, animals, wild animals, birds etc)

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Tags: cat, pet, kitty, pussy, injury, wound, hurt, bite, fight, battle, combat, vet, veterinarian, domestic animal, friend, eyes, portrait, mustache, whiskers, fur, glance, cure, treatment, illness, care, healthcare, pet care

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