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Image Description: A courtyard bench that is looking very inviting to enjoy the afternoon sun. This bench is made from a thin brick-looking stone that compliments the bricks in the surrounding walkway. In the afternoon sunlight, these stones would have absorbed some of the Sun’s heat and it would be very cozy to rest and warm up on a breezy day. There is another bonus to this seating area in that one side gets some shade, making for a pleasant relief on a hot and still summer’s day. The bench resting area is overlooked by a large planter full of yellow and red flowers. With the promise of warmth, comfort, and a beautiful view, passersby will surely not be able to resist even just a momentary stay.

Image category: Home Improvement (Architecture, construction, interior design, plumbing, etc)

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Tags: courtyard, bench, rest, chair, sit, gardening, flowers, interior, design, furniture, green, nature, park

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