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Image Description: In this picture there is a little iron man with a big red hat in his hands. The hat is full of money. So, this beggar is probably the luckiest of all others! The execution of the man is unusual. He is made of iron with screws in place of his eyes, hat, hands and hips. The big red hat is half of the size of the man. By the pattern on its brim a spectator can say that the author made an accent on the fact that the man belongs to a certain nation. The iron man is placed against the black background. Most likely the choice of the background is not occasional. Though the manner of the composition execution is joke-like the background adds some sad element depicting beggarsТ hard life.

Image category: Finance and Law (Saving, Personal finance, Economic news)

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Tags: beggar, poor, finance, credit, poverty, beggary, charity, bankruptcy, failure, collapse, man, men, money

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