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Image Description: The baobab tree is what we think of as a classic African tree. While only one of its eight species is native to mainland Africa, with another native to Australia, the other six varieties are exclusively growing in Madagascar, serving as that nation’s official tree. This baobab is also referred to as the 'bottle tree', the 'tree of life', the 'monkey bread tree', and the 'upside down tree'. The upside down moniker is very fitting, because for nine months of the year, this tree has no leaves it looks as if the root system is sticking up in the air. These trees are very long-lived, with some specimens having been dated at up to 6,000 years old. The baobab tree can reach heights up to 98 feet and have a trunk with a diameter of up to 36 feet; this trunk can hold up to 120,000 litres of water!

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