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Arched door in old building - Free image download

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Image Description: This beautiful wooden door is an image of quaintness and antiquity. It looks like it could be the back door of an ancient castle. The rounded top of the wood is protected by an overhang that is just the right size for someone having to wait in the rain. This old wooden door is protected by a deep penetrating oil or wax and is embellished with cast iron decorations. The lantern on the wall adds an air of olden times and it probably is also made of cast iron. The old brick wall has been covered many times in a white paint, but on some areas algae can be seen becoming a problem. This usually happen in areas that do not fully dry out, and this algae should be pressure-washed before it spreads to avoid cracks in the brick.

Image category: Home Improvement (Architecture, construction, interior design, plumbing, etc)

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