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Image Description: These are the three 8-figures in a big marble square. It looks like a marble monument. Such things as this monument are not just the decoration of a street. They are meaningful. However, a tourist traveling around an unknown city for the first time will hardly be able to understand what those three eights can mean. For that purpose there is a guide that can be asked questions. The monuments with hidden meaning and recognizable appearance are very much memorable. From now on you will be able to recognize it wherever you see it even if it turns out a part of a huge memorial with some other parts that are not shown in this picture.

Image category: Traveling (Hotels, Volunteering abroad, Medical Tourism, etc)

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Tags: 7th avenue, 888, Manhattan Club, new york, ny, sightseeing, skyscraper, Soros Fund Management, broadway, business, travelling, tourism, walk

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